Altec Smart Security System

Altec Smart Security System

by Sakar International, Inc.
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The Altec Smart Security System app allows you to easily connect and control your Live Video IP Cameras via any mobile device from anywhere and to setup your Live Voice Speakers to control your smart home with your voice.

With the Altec Smart Security System app, you can see what is going on in your home 24/7. Get automatic alerts from your Live Video IP Cameras on motion and sound detection events. The Speakers section is the entry point for the quick start guide and user manual for your Live Voice Speakers.



will 2021-03-07 21:04
Ok big edit. Cameras connected. the phone needs to have location services on or else app wont connect or allow a ssid to be entered when searching for WiFi.
Hector Casillas 2021-02-13 19:11
Really good
Karen Burgin 2021-02-02 05:32
IT has a real large view
Irfaan Ramzan 2020-12-23 22:20
Really straight forward and what we need it for each room we are in. No lag and great quality with prompt sound and notifications. In fact, the response of picking up motion with Altec is always faster than what our Ring doorbell doesto notify us of sound and motion! impressive, especially considering its price. This company should work on more products with the goal of maintaining a low market price. These other companies are charging ridiculous prices for little or less difference in quality!
Brad The Great 2020-12-13 19:30
I've tried connecting to this camera dozens of times. The camera finally said it's connected to my wifi, but the app keeps claiming that no camera is detected. What a waste of money.
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