Geometric Runway (Prequel)

Geometric Runway (Prequel)

by Hari Patel
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Left to right, wall to wall, round and round, a shining ball, enjoy colliding through this simple, relaxing and colourful runway, there's a deep meaning and story behind this unique gameplay.

Geometric Runway is a 3D "hypercasual" or "hypercasual-styled" mobile game aiming to offer a beautiful, therapeutic and relaxing experience, as you travel through a nice and serene atmosphere of geometrical dynamics. The game is based on a simple principle of collecting points, bonuses, while avoiding obstacles and driving through the levels. 

The Geometric Runway (Prequel) is just the first unique version of its kind in the entire Geometric Runway Series. This uniquely solo-made indie game marks the 3D game and gaming industry debut of the mathematician-scientist, creative content designer, tutor, ambassador, developer and creator of The Math Awakening (TMAV3): Hari Qrishñ Patel. 

Examples of ideal gaming experience would be between breaks during work, something to make you feel more serene and uplifted or to instantly brighten your day, use it as an effective means of philosophical, scientific, abstract, mathematical thinking, educational tool or aid for learning, or simply just for some enjoyable recreational play.

You can also try using Force 4x MSAA in Developer Mode in your Android phone settings menu for smooth quality graphics. You can activate Developer Mode or Developer Options by consecutively tapping 7 times on the Build Number UI element on the settings screen. This may enable better quality and soothing gameplay experience, keeping in mind about the capacity in regards to the battery usage. Removing unwanted files or data storage can also help improve gaming experience significantly. Enjoy the game.

This game was made with the intention and passionate attempt to educate, awaken, motivate, inspire through the means of creativity, recreational play and philosophy. There is a profound meaning and long story of various unique concepts and experiences behind the development of this game.

Do feel free to rate and review or provide feedback in the comments section to share your views on the game, and all that can be done to provide a better user experience shall be taken into account, including for future games.

Standard system requirements: Preferably a standard Android phone recommended rather than any other device type, such as tablet. Supports both 32-bit as well as 64-bit systems.


App Detail
Bundle ID
Release Date
Nov 10, 2021
Update Date
Nov 30, 2021
Min. OS Version
5.0 and up
What's New
6 days ago
- As of 27th November 2021 game activation is complete and the game can now be accessed without any black screen issues. This has been fixed.
- Improved optimization, smooth quality graphics and gameplay.
- Screen orientation, proportion and alignment issues fixed.
- The Geometric Runway Series: 1st Release
- Official Credits TBA.
- Make sure to read further details for better quality and user experience.

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