by Leo Rod
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You can handle the drone in speed, height and rotation.
Auto-back to return to the initial position.
Auto-go to fly automatically.

        Constants: pi and any int/floating number
        Variables: u v

        Operators:  + - * /   > < == &  |

        Functions:  if(exp,exp1,exp2)
        sin() cos() tan() asin() acos() atan()
        sinh() cosh() tanh() log() ln() rand()
        exp() abs() sqrt() pow(base,exponent)

        The instructions to program
        // For coments
        speed= The horizontal speed.
        speedh= The vertical speed.
        ang= The horizontal angle.
        wait= The wait interval.
        reset The reset action.
        autog The auto-go action.
        autob The auto-back action.

        For repetitive actions use do - enddo. See sample 5.


App Detail
Bundle ID
Release Date
Nov 12, 2021
Update Date
Nov 26, 2021
Min. OS Version
4.4 and up
What's New
1 week ago
1.7 Error detector
1.6 Drone coordinates
1.5 More Samples
1.4 Program
1.3 Android S

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