Yardsale: the Ski Simulator

Yardsale: the Ski Simulator

by LlamaCo.
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Yardsale: noun - When a skier or snowboarder eats it on the slopes and loses all of their gear. If a skier loses his skies, poles, hat, goggles, and anything else, shout "YARD SALE" from the ski lift above him. - Source: Urban Dictionary

Yardsale is a down hill ski simulator with a twist of kleptomania. Dodge various dangers on the hill while swiping other skiers' gear. Watch out for those samsquanches though. They are slightly territorial. Complete the scavenger list and earn major points to compete for the top public global record! Every level is procedurally generated (completely random and unique).

Check out the PC version of this game as well @ https://www.llamaco.ca/apps/yardsale

If you enjoy this game, feel free to check out 'Yardsale: Tip Edition'. It is literally the same game, but proves to us your love <3. Support your local developers! Don't make us put in a bunch of questionable ads and other whatnot.


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Release Date
Sep 20, 2018
Update Date
Sep 19, 2021
Min. OS Version
4.4 and up
What's New
2 months ago
- bundle support for smaller delivery and installation
- waaaay more objects - let's see how hot we can make your phone!

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