Halo AR - Augmented Reality, VR & 3D Lens Creator!

Halo AR - Augmented Reality, VR & 3D Lens Creator!

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1. Snap a photo of any flat object
2. Pick a photo, YouTube video, or 3D model to overlay on top of it
3. Done!

You’ve made your first halo! Now, scan the object (a book cover, textbook image, postcard, etc.), and watch the augmented reality (AR) overlay spring to life. No technical know-how required.

Teachers, missing Aurasma/HP Reveal? Join the thousands of teachers students in 103 countries (and counting) creating with Halo AR. Whether your class is in person or remote, use Halo AR to create immersive learning opportunities for your students anywhere, anytime. Leap into the future as an early pioneer in the learning metaverse.

Created by a team of Stanford University teachers and engineers, with support from the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education.

• Tag shared course materials (e.g. textbook diagrams or worksheets) with explanatory image or video overlays.
• Ask your students to imagine and then record their own explanation of a STEAM topic to demonstrate understanding!
• Attach a 3D model to a postcard, then move the postcard around to intuitively manipulate and examine the 3D model hologram in all directions 
• Create an epic scavenger hunt around the house, classroom, or neighborhood park
• Unwind after a long day in the classroom by tagging a wine label with a video or 3D model hologram from Sketchfab
• Assemble a deck of flashcards that can be scanned for keyword or concept review to spark a love of test prep
• Bring yearbook photos and hallway posters to life (Daily Prophet, anyone?) for a real-life magical VR experience
• Add 4D Jurassic monsters to a deck of dinosaur flashcards to make the past a living reality

Ready to share the epic halos you’ve created with your students, or the world? First, create an account to save your halos and organize them into collections (by class, activity, etc.). Then, anyone who follows your collections will see your halos appear magically before their eyes.

Add your unique contribution to the global learning metaverse! All you need to get started is an Android smartphone or tablet with a camera and ARCore that supports augmented reality.


App Detail
Bundle ID
Release Date
Dec 14, 2020
Update Date
Oct 13, 2021
Min. OS Version
8.0 and up
What's New
1 week ago
- Turbocharged the Search page so you can now discover videos of other creators’ halos for ideas and inspiration
- Added the ability to preview your screen recorded videos before saving, and edit their description and visibility
- Added more intelligent background loading behavior, so overlays appear more snappily

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