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The MobileTech Tool for Installers is for Authorized Dealers only. To learn more and apply for free to become an dealer, please visit  

Designed for on-site Installers, MobileTech helps you install and troubleshoot security systems. MobileTech includes essential tools that help to increase installation accuracy, decrease installation time, and reduce the need to call technical support. 

Note: For customer privacy, some features are only available while an installer is physically on site. Also, only features corresponding with the Dealer Website login's permissions can be accessed. 

If you need assistance or would like to share an idea, please email [email protected] or provide feedback through the MobileTech app.


App Detail
Bundle ID
Release Date
Jun 20, 2013
Update Date
May 5, 2021
Min. OS Version
5.0 and up
What's New
5 months ago
• Minor enhancements / fixes

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